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Explore on Water

Nautica Queen Cruise Ship 

1153 Main Avenue


Cleveland Rowing Foundation

1003 British Street


Cleveland Water Taxi

1170 Old River Rd.


Water Safety Information

  • Use VFH Channels 13 and 16 to monitor "security calls" from commercial vessels in the area. Only contact freighters in an emergency. 

  • Avoid ship channels when possible; if you must cross a channel, do so as quickly as possible.

  • Know whistle signals: 5 or more blasts mean danger.

  • Be seen, especially at night.  Display your navigation lights and light your cabin and sails if needed for better visibility.  Great Lakes shipping is a 24/7 industry.

  • Always stay distant from a freighter's bow and stern.  The wake and wash from propellers and thrusters can quickly destabilize small crafts.

  • Do not tie up to another recreational vessel and "raft" out into the navigation channel.

  • Avoid clustering around a bridge when waiting for it to open for a commercial vessel.

  • Always wear a personal flotation device. If you're paddle boarding or kayaking when the lake is cold, wear a wet suit too!

In case of emergency, contact the Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor

1055 East 9th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44052


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