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Support the Neighborhood

Support Flats Forward as an individual or through your workplace by becoming a member or volunteering in the neighborhood. 



The Flats Forward Membership Program provides businesses and stakeholders an opportunity to directly support the vital initiatives of the Flats. Our organization strives to work with property owners, neighborhood-based partners, and Flats stakeholders in this initiative.

A company's membership contribution showcases their commitment to not only Flats Forward but the Flats neighborhood and our strategic partners. It is more than a membership; it is about supporting an organization that believes in continuing the revitalization of the Flats to enhance the base of Cleveland.

To join us today, contact Jim Haviland at


The Flats is full of events and projects aimed at improving life in the Flats. If you are interested in volunteering at events, becoming involved with planning or implementing projects, or would like to share your professional knowledge to better the Flats, please contact Jim Haviland at

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